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January 19, 2021
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Cyber Tor may be a Strong Cyber Security Protection application for your valuable Smartphone. Cyber Tor makes sure that no spyware Apps and hidden apps can observe you.

Do you think you're being spied on or hacked, worried that somebody could be tracking or monitoring your emails and messages otherwise you think your device is acting in an unusual way, download this app and protect your mobile?

This spyware app is straightforward to use, privacy protection, and an anti-spy app. Our anti-spy app may be a scanner, detector, and cleaner of spyware, stalker ware, and surveillance software.

Top Features:
• One-click widget to block/unblock the camera.
• Apps Analyzer Feature shows All applications permissions using by other apps Like Microphone, Contacts, Storage, Camera, Messages, Calls, Location, System Settings.
• Apps Analyzer is user friendly so you can easily check one by one which Apps take your Contact Detail, Phone Detail, Storage Access, Location, Microphone, Sensors, Sms Access, Call List, Camera, and Calendar Permission.
• High-Risk Apps Feature Scan all apps of your mobile smartphone and find apps that are from unknown resources or from 3rd party Websites and Stores.
• System Advisor Feature will secure your smartphone setting if it detects settings insecure then its shows you smartphone is Rooted or Not Rooted, Check Pin, Patterns or Password, Check your smartphone Location is Enable or Disable and Check Developer Options. If it found something wrong with your smartphone setting then you can Fix This to Secure your Mobile Settings.
• Detect spyware and display you to remove from your device.
• Provides a shield against known and unknown attacks (Camera Block Function).
• Show mobile hidden apps to manage un usage permissions.
• Scan all apps on your mobile and find an app that is from unknown resources and encrypted connection.
• Who is on my WiFi? ( you'll check who is connected to your wifi )
• You feel like anti-hacking protection
• Free protection against espionage apps
• Super Security app with Phone Booster, WiFi Security
• Free Super security, with the cleaner to stay your phone secure and protect privacy.

Download Cyber Tor Find Hidden Apps, Anti Spyware scanner and uninstall them so you can secure your Smartphone from harmful spyware apps.

We Just Find Spyware and 3rd party Unknown Recourses Apps. Our Spy app Finder Feature is a scanner, detector, and cleaner of spyware Apps and helps you to Manage and uninstall.
Protect you from Spyware who can do the following things
• Accessing calls, SMS, camera, mic, and search history
• Sending and receiving SMS
• Track your current location
• Recording calls
• Social media information
• Banking information

What advantages does Incognito offer?
🛡 Our anti-spy app offers a real-time scanner and cleaner of economic spy, surveillance, tracking, and monitoring applications free of charge.
🛡️ If any of those applications are found on your Android device, you'll be notified of the infection.
🛡️ You can see the list and name of all the identified threats and spyware.
🛡️ With the user consent, Incognito remove the spyware from your mobile device to ensuring protection
🛡️ If you're a user of the professional version, you'll found out a daily and automatic scan to make sure security and privacy
🛡️ We offer tips to tell our community on the way to protect their personal cyber privacy and is often updated with the newest info
🛡️ We also provide security warnings to our users for threats beyond spyware. We notify you immediately with this information and the way to guard yourself.

It's important to note that Cyber tor is not an anti-virus or anti-malware app, it is a Spy app Finder, Hidden Apps Finder, and High-Risk Apps finder and its function is to protect you from spyware/ stalker ware.

Users can manually remove the infected spy apps from mobile devices ensuring protection.

Cyber Tor Find Hidden Apps is not a replacement for antivirus or anti-malware. Cyber Tor Find Hidden Apps, Anti Spyware scanner